Implementing PR institutions ** ) Communications

CAN proposed to by DISABILITIES
1 . Implementing PR institutions ** ) Communications PR S1 III.a 1
Formation ** ) for applicants with disabilities ( disability ) 1 ( a ) formation , for the post of StylistsPublic relations executive with the provisions of disability applicants at the bottom ektremisitas( deformed feet). This formation is also open to the public .
1 . Drafting Plan and Program Administration III.a S1 22 . Is III.a Library Science Laboratory S1 23 . Institutions Implementing PR Communications PR S1 III.a 14 . Drafting Programs and Reports S1 Hospitality Management Business tourism III.a 25 . S1 Computer Personnel Information Engineering III.a 2

Black and white photographs without

3 . Black and white photographs without headgear size 3 × 4 by 5 ( five ) pieces4 . Included in the application file folder based education groups , namely :a. Red folder for high school education s / d DIIIb . Blue Map for Education DIV s / d S35 . On the front page of the folder listed the following datanamePlace / Date of BirthaddressDistrict / Province CityZip CodeNo. . MobileemailEducation / Programsnumber of diplomacode TitleEducation code

Still carrying out duties at the agency

- Still carrying out duties at the agency or institution to date- Attach a high school diploma / SMU10 . Not propose to move tasks out of the Government Sibolga within 5 ( five ) years from the appointed candidate for Civil Servants ( CPNS )11 . Willing to be placed throughout the Unit of Work in Government Sibolga

General Practitioner S1 Kdeokteran 2

I . HEALTH1 . General Practitioner S1 Kdeokteran 22 . Pharmacy Pharmacists Pharmacists S1 23 . S1 Public Health Public Health 24 . DIII Nurse Nursing 1S1 Nursing / Nurses 2
III . TECHNICAL PERSONNEL1 . Penyiap materials management evaluation S1 Management 12 . Administrative Personnel Management business S1 13 . 1 counters S1 Accounting Officer4 . Is Law & Extension S1 Criminal Law 15 . Constituent materials S1 Criminal Law 16 . Physiotherapy services S1 Psychology 17 . Business plans and program evaluation S1 Computer 18 . Computer Operator Computer D3 19 . Heavy equipment and workshop business S1 Mechanical Engineering 110.Pengelola Mental Dev . Maintenance of roads and bridges S1 Civil Engineering 111 . Supervisory Architect S1 1

In order to meet the manpower requirements

In order to meet the manpower requirements , PT PLN ( Persero ) Distribution of Central Java and Yogyakarta , PT PLN ( Persero ) P3B Jawa Bali , PT PLN ( Persero ) & North Region East Kalimantan , requiring manpower and vocational high school level , to fill vacancies position as follows :
1 . Transmission Operator ( OPT - TRS )

Basic Competence Test material

Basic Competence Test material ( TKD ) include : Insights Nationality Test , General Intelligence Test , Test Personal Characteristics
3 . Implementation of Substantive Test ( Test of Competency Field )
Day / Date : December 5, 2013Time : 08.00 s.d finishedPlace : University of MedanCompleteness is taken : Test Card
Place test execution can be seen one day earlier in their respective work units .Applicants who arrive late are not allowed to enter the examination hall and take the exam or

The interview covers the location

4 . Interview location :The interview covers the location and the room will be informed aftergraduation announcements exam Competency Test Field ( TKB )
G. OTHER PROVISIONS1 . The committee does not process any application that does not meet the conditionsolehpanitia set ;2 . Application documents are not returned and become the property of the committee ;3 . Applicant is free of charge ;4 . Committee's decision is final and can not be tampered with ;5 . Application submitted before the announcement is made otherwiseapplicable ;6 . Transportation and accommodation costs during the test phases covered by the

Applicants who arrive late are not allowed

Applicants who arrive late are not allowed to enter the exam room and or take exams
5 . TKD Exam Results AnnouncementBasic competency exam graduation announcements ( test first stage ) will be held on 25 November 2013 ( tentative / fourth Sunday of the month of November to first week in December 2013) . For those applicants who passed the first stage of the test results , required follow Competency Test Field ( TKB ) on the second Sunday in December 2013 ( see page website USU ) . Graduation announcement for applicants who will be appointed as a civil servant USU will be held on the third Sunday in December 2013 ( see page USU website )

Have the necessary competence

B. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS CONSIST OF :1 . Have the necessary competence ;2 . Have a National Identity Card ( KTP ) is still valid ;3 . Minimum age of 18 (eighteen ) years and a maximum of 35 (thirty five ) years on January 1, 2014 , specifically for the highest specialist aged 40 (forty ) years old have at least 5 years tenure and uninterrupted until the 17 April 2002 in the government / private institutions that are legal entities (evidenced by a copy of the decision letter / proof of first appointment to last until the legalized ) ;4 . Graduates of public universities / private accredited ;a. Listed in the certificate ;b . Accreditation certificate that has not been mentioned a letter of determination of accreditation ;c . Diploma issued before any determination of accreditation is not acceptable ;5 . Cumulative Performance Index ( CPI ) :a. State Universities of at least 2.7 ;b . Private Colleges of at least 2.75 ;


Based on the letter of the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic ReformRepublic of Indonesia Number : R/140.F/M.PAN-RB/08/2013 dated August 28, 2013 , concerningApproval of details CPNS Formation Regions for General Applicants In 2013 , the GovernmentMalang city an opportunity to be a candidate for Civil Servants in the RegionsMalang Government environmental Formation of Fiscal Year 2013 and the provisions of thethe following :

Senior Lecturer Government Science Government Sector S2 2

Senior Lecturer Government Science Government Sector S2 2Researchers Develop National Unity and Autonomy S2 Politics Political Science 2Researcher Development Village Government S2 Political Science 1Public Administration Development Researcher and Political Science Population S2 2Regional Autonomy Policy Analyst for Public Policy S2 1Analyst Strategic Policy Formulation S2 &Amp; Public Policy 1Senior Lecturer Psychology Education Management S2 1Analyst Strategic Policy Formulation S2 &Amp; Development Planning 1Researcher Development Village Government S2 Sosiatri 2Development of National Unity researchers Politics and Sociology Autonomy S2 2Researcher Development Village Government S2 Sociology 2Researcher Development Public Administration Sociology and Demography S2 2Senior Lecturer S2 Engineering Civil Engineering 1Staffing Analyst Degree ( S1 ) 3 State AdministrationPopulation analysts Degree ( S1 ) State Administration 1Field Development Analyst Kesbangpol And Otda Bachelor ( S1 ) State Administration 1

In need tutor (tutor) in LBB SMART

In need tutor (tutor) in LBB SMART
. Tutor SD
. Tutor High School Chemistry and Ipa

. Been out of college or still in college

JLn.Arjuna 46 Sawahan Sidorejo, Kauman, Tulungagung.
Phone. (0355) 334922 or 08113349220

CV urgently needed employees. Marga Karya Harmony in Malang

CV urgently needed employees. Marga Karya Harmony in Malang
Marketing for parts

Occupation: Distributing products (herbal)

- Male Age 18-30 years
- Education is not preferred (elementary, junior high school, vocational school, not the school) all may
- Having the motor and SIM C (required)
- Working Hours 08:00 to 17:00 Sunday - Friday (Saturday Holiday)
- The system does not work using the target
- Salary Rp 1,000,000 / month (free lunch facilities & gas)

NB: After collecting the files, there will be a call for an interview. All employees will receive training before working. Registration will be closed at any time if it meets the quota

Immediately Send CV, Photo & Copy of ID via email to
Or directly send to the address
Housing. Kartika Puri Asri (Puskopad) Block K no.2,
Fish Tombro road West, Tunjungsekar, Malang

Attention!! Be careful of fraud on behalf of the Highways CV Karya Harmony. Job applicants are not charged anything.


Martabak Mini and Bread Konde Yeach

Martabak Mini and Bread Konde Yeach

Still need a sales operator u / d town solo effort

- Male / female
- Without a diploma
- Age morbidly over 25Th
- Work ± 12h (guard stand)
- Provided tmpt stay
- Provided a

Who are interested hub 08975028225/pin: 3283254C or come directly to gabudan rt / rw 002/008 joyosuran.pasar kliwon.solo

LOWONGAN PEKERJAAN Sebuah bimbingan belajar yang baru hadir di kota Jember


- Male / Female
- Graduates S1 or at least 6 semester
- GPA of at least 3.00
- DEPARTMENT: Pend. Mathematics, Pend. Physics, Pend. Chemistry, Pend. Sociology, Pend. Geography and PGSD
- Preferred have own vehicle

Requirements: Job application letter, curriculum vitae, copy of ID Card / Student Card / Student Card, Copy of diploma and Transcript, Copy of Family Card, 4x6 colored photograph.

Requirements are sent (via Post) we get going: CHI SQUARE Tutoring by address: Perum Griya Indah Blok Mangli DH 1 Jember.

Awaited proposal no later than 14 September 2013 (Cap Pos)

CP: Mr. Boy (082332207720)